New Year's Resolutions

Jan 20, 2021

It has been a hard year for everyone, therefore, you might be tempted to skip the New Year's resolutions this year. With the gyms closed and lockdown number three underway, now is a better time than ever to pick up a healthy new habit this year. Exercise and a realistic healthy routine can help shed some extra pounds gained over Christmas and keep the mind and body healthy and stress free. 

Intense workout schedules and fad diets can be unrealistic and many people give up within a few weeks. Increase yor chances of long term success by adapting a realistic fitness goal and building it up slowly throughout the year. 

Adding a goal of 10,000 steps a couple of times a week can be a good way to ease yourself into a new health routine for 2021. If it's running you fancy, the couch to 5k app eases you in and builds up fitness gradually until you reach the end goal of a 5km run.

Sometime the New Year's resolutions can cause people to be a little over enthusiastic in the beginning and doing too much too soon can increase your chances of developing many injuries such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis.

As many people are working from home at the moment, they often rush out the door on the lunch break to try and squeeze in a walk or a run. A proper warm up routine is needed to prevent injuries and prepare the body for exercise. A warm up before exercise helps to get the blood flowing to the muscles and raises their temperature. Supportive footwear is also an important factor in any fitness regime. It also helps to warm up the heart and reduce stress placed on it.

If you’ve set yourself the goal of getting fit this year and find that you have started to experience some foot pain do not hesitate to ring South Dublin Podiatry for a consultation. We can help get you back on your feet!

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