Tips To Get Your Feet Ready For Summer!

Apr 27, 2021

With summer right around the corner it’s the perfect time to start getting ready for ‘shorts and sandals’ weather - well what we consider ‘shorts and sandals’ weather.

During the past year we’re all into our daily walks and hitting that 10k step mark.

As the hot weather comes around, we will be venturing off on different walks.As of this we will be walking on different terrain.

On average our summers tend to be a mix of everything weather-wise.

We will be switching from sandals to runners to flip flops which can take its toll on our feet.

In preparation for those weeks we’re longing for, here’s a few tips on how to make sure your feet are fit for summer!




Moisturise the feet daily;

Moisturising your feet, especially after a shower will help keep that hard and cracked skin at bay. Urea-based creams are always better than water-based when treating the feet, e.g. CCS cream over E45. Exfoliating the feet with a pumice stone or emory board 1-2x each week will help keeping the skin soft and ready for those sandals!




Cut your toenails every 5-6 weeks;

Make sure to cut the nails straight across, DON’T round the edges and file them with an emory board to keep them soft and smooth. This will help prevent ingrown toenails and keep the nails from cutting through socks/shoes.





Dry the feet thoroughly to ward off Athlete’s Foot;

Athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection that thrives in warm, moist environments so Summertime is an ideal time for it to develop. ALWAYS thoroughly dry between the toes after showering and apply Lamisil cream should Athlete’s foot develop.





Avoid baby powder:

As much as we might have been told in the past, applying foot powder is not the best treatment for resolving fungal infections. 





For the muscles;

What’s going on inside the body is always just as important as what we can see on the outside so coming up to the summer, start working on those calf muscles!

Wearing sandals and open backed shoes puts the calves under much more strain to keep us balanced which can lead to problems like Plantar Fasciitis if the muscles are too weak. Adding a few calf stretches and strength exercises can make a real difference!

Not only does the flip flops affect the muscles but it also affects the toes.

As we all know flip flops can sometimes be hard to keep on so what helps keep hold of our flip flops is our toes! Our toes claw to keep us steady which in long term can become problematic.



Let your feet breathe!

During the summer our regular shoes can become very hot and clammy. To combat this try and keep the feet out as much as possible. Wearing sandals with a closed back is always better than open-backed to protect the muscles from overuse. 




Soak the feet regularly;

Especially in the summer months the feet are sweating and can be put under more pressure as we’re always eager to spend every minute outside in the good weather. To give the feet a little TLC and keep them fresh, soak your feet for 10 minutes in warm water with some tea tree oil or epsom salts!



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