Wear & Tear - Osteoarthritis

Mar 23, 2021

For anyone who is suffering with join pain or joint stiffness, you are not alone!


Millions of people worldwide have osteoarthritis, which is more commonly referred to as “Wear And Tear” of joints such as the hips, knees and different parts of the feet.
Here are a few tips to help reduce your pain/stiffness and improve your overall quality of life!



Although it may be worrying to think about exercise when your joints are painful, movement is an important part of managing your pain.

Moderate exercise that increases your heart rate is beneficial;
cycling, swimming or a brisk walk are some examples.



Yoga involves movements that include gentle stretching, which can improve joint movement and reduce built up stress.

Join a class and make sure your instructor is aware of your affected joints and avoid
movements that cause too much pain.



A great way to reduce pain is by doing strengthening exercises which build muscle around affected joints, this can ease the burden of too much pressure on the joint.


Weight Management

Too much weight on a joint can cause it to undergo a lot of stress.

Reducing excess weight can help prevent further joint damage.


Heat and Cold

If you are at home putting your get up to relax or watching television and you feel some pain or swelling in a joint.

A great way to relieve this is by applying an ice pack for a couple of minutes, a heat pack is also great to reduce pain.


Footwear and Insoles

When the joints in your feet are affected it can be quite troublesome, the most common area is the joint below the big toe and if you feel that you are getting nowhere with your current treatments then a member of our Podiatry team would be more than happy to give you some advice.

The right footwear can have a huge impact on pain and stiffness. Insole fittings can also be designed to ease foot pain and increase movement.

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