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What Does A Chiropodist Do?

Oct 24, 2022

A chiropodist is a person who is trained and qualified to look after your feet.

A Chiropodist will focus on your toenails and skin and will identify any issues that are causing you pain and discomfort now, or could cause problems later if not treated.

A Chiropodists aim is to keep your feet healthy and pain free, so you can be comfortable in your shoes and be able to walk and exercise without your feet hurting. Our feet, because they're hidden away in our shoes can easily become neglected, and often your first visit to the chiropodist will be because of pain.

Your feet are complex, made up of lots of bones and joints and they work hard, holding your full body weight. And so even a small thing going wrong can affect the way you walk and cause pain.

Your toenails are constantly growing and as you get older, can become thick and hard to cut. Nails like this can make even your most comfortable shoes difficult to walk in and cause pain in the top of your toes.A Chiropodist will easily cut, file and reduce the thickness of your nails. Ingrown toenails, that cause pain and can quickly lead to infection, can also be treated to prevent both occurring.    

We all like to wear dressy, fancy shoes and even though we're aware that the shoes may not be the most comfortable, we are not aware of the damage that they are doing to our feet.

Squeezing, pressure and friction causes all sorts of issues with our skin, making it hard (callus) or causing corns, these areas of thick skin then push into your feet causing pain.

A Chiropodist will remove these easily, without causing you any pain and will provide instant relief from the pain they cause.

A Chiropodist will check your feet for signs of infection.The  skin and nails can be affected by bacteria or fungus, which thrive in the warm, damp environment our feet live in when in our shoes. A Chiropodist will identify the cause and treat as needed, helping to prevent the complications that these infections can lead to.                                                                             

The most common cause of foot problems arise from incorrect size and fitting of your shoes. A Chiropodist will help you find out where and why your shoes are causing problems, offer solutions and advice on how to make sure you can prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

As with all health care, prevention is better than cure and regular visits to your chiropodist will keep your feet looking and feeling good. 

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