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5 Ways to Prevent Diabetic Foot Complications

Jan 16, 2023

A common complication of Diabetes is foot problems.

Uncontrolled Diabetes can increase your chances of a number of issues from nerve damage to reduced blood flow. 

Diabetes causes the blood vessels in the body to shrink, reducing blood flow. This is dangerous as it can impair the body’s ability to heal from infection, injury, cuts etc. This can result in conditions like Gangrene or ulcerations which in worst case scenarios can lead to amputation. 

This can all sound very scary but by controlling your Diabetes and taking care of your feet, you can reduce your chances of any Diabetes-related foot problems!

These are 5 simple ways to look after your feet daily to help prevent Diabetes-related complications:


πŸ”ΈCheck your feet daily: Especially if you experience numbness in your feet, check them regularly for cuts, blisters, sores, skin rashes and anything sinister that you might have been unaware of, e.g. a stone in your shoe.


πŸ”ΈKeep your circulation high: This can be done by exercising 20-30 minutes daily which can range from walking to cycling to yoga. Keeping the legs elevated when resting and quitting smoking if you are a smoker also helps the circulation. 


πŸ”ΈAlways wear shoes and socks: Wearing shoes and socks helps protect the feet from developing cuts and sores which can result in ulcerations. 


πŸ”ΈWash your feet daily: This keeps the feet healthy and is another chance to check them for skin changes, cuts etc. Make sure to dry the feet properly especially between the toes to prevent any skin breakages or Athlete’s Foot (fungal skin infection).


πŸ”ΈProtect your feet from hot and cold temperatures: Warming up your feet by putting on socks instead of a hot water bottle and keeping your feet away from open fires are simple ways of protecting the feet from burns especially with nerve damage.


Visiting a Podiatrist for check-ups whether it be annually or more regularly is important to stay on top of your foot health.

It can be helpful especially if you suffer from corns and callus or if you simply would like your nails taken care of. 

In short, you can make a huge difference to your foot health by controlling your Diabetes and doing these simple checks daily.

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