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Verruca: What are they and how can they be treated?

Sep 05, 2022
South Dublin Podiatry- Verruca Treatment

Verruca: What are they and how can they be treated?

Ok so I know Verruca is not a sexy subject! However when you get one on the bottom of your foot and it hurts all the time and seems be getting bigger and bigger and new ones are appearing then everybody wants to know how to get rid of a verruca.

Well the Podiatrists at South Dublin Podiatry are expert in Verruca and I want to share this with you today the different ways to get rid of your painful verruca


How do I know if I have a Verruca?

It is very easy to mistake a Verruca for corns or vice versa. Although it can be hard to tell the difference between both a corn and a verruca but there are two key differences :

  1. Corns are generally painful when pressed but verrucae are usually painful when squeezed. Although, not all verrucae are painful.
  2. The striations (lines) of the skin do not change when a corn is present but in the case of verrucae, they are disrupted and move around the outside of the lesion.

Forget about the black spots, NOT ALL Verruca have them!


What is a Verruca?

A Verruca is a wart which can be found on the bottom of the foot and around the toe area. They usually present in one of two forms:

1. Single large warts

These are as the name suggest single Verruca or warts but you can have more than one or them and they can be on both feet at the same time.

2. Mosaic warts which cover a larger surface area.

They are usually accompanied by overlying hard skin and may present with black dots in the centre but not always.

Mosaic Verruca

Verruca often spread. Its not unusual for us to see over 10 Verruca on a foot. While Verruca will eventually go without treatment the time it takes  is usually measured in years.


What causes a verruca?

Verrucae are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which has various different strains and is responsible for other bodily lesions such as cold sores.  It can be passed on from person to person by direct contact. The HPV virus can thrive in moist, warm or damp environments such as changing room floors and communal showers. It is possible to contract the virus by simply walking on the same floor as someone who already has a verruca, especially if there is a cut or break in the skin which can make it easier for the virus to penetrate.


What are my treatment options?

Ok…lets be clear, verruca are not as easy to clear as corns but at South Dublin Podiatry Clinic we try to make Verruca Treatment as easy as ABC.

There are lots of “old wives tales” of treating a verruca, ranging from rubbing a potato on it and then burying it, to dipping the Verruca into a ‘Verruca Well’. While these are great stories there are some more effective ways to treat verruca.


1.Over the Counter Remedies …..A Waste of Time!

The first port of call for many people is to use an over the counter treatment from the pharmacy, such as a cream, gel or freeze spray. These are usually painfully slow and should be used if you have loads or patience and a steady hand.  Needless to say these over the counter verruca treatments can also cause more problems than the verruca if not used correctly.


2. Freezing Your Verruca – Cryotherapy….. Too Painful For Me !

This is the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the Verruca in an attempt to kill it off. This can be quite painful depending on the location of the lesion and is something we avoid in South Dublin Podiatry when treating Verruca. 

I have seen this method make grown men cry!


3. Salicylic Acid …..Make Sure You Have Lots Of Free Time & Patience!

Most clinics will treat your Verruca with weekly applications of Acid/cream and padding.

Let be honest here…….this is GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS for the patient.

  • They have to come every week for usually 6-8 weeks.
  • They have to keep there feet dry between appointments
  • The Verruca may not go at the end of this!


4. Verruca Microwave Therapy

Verruca Microwave Therapy is a No Scalpel &  No Needles Verruca Removal  state of the art procedure that leaves Verruca  with nowhere to hide.

This new Verruca Microwave Therapy passes cutting edge microwaves safely through the skins layers to ZAP that Verruca,  leaving no blisters or scarring allowing immediate return to full activity. 

In plain language a probe is applied to the verruca and a blast of microwave energy is passed through the verruca for about 3-5 seconds. This heats the verruca to approx 70 degrees celsius triggering the immune system into action to produce an immune response and kill off the verruca.


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