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What Does A Podiatrist Do?

Nov 14, 2022

When asked what I work as, people don’t realise that I’m in fact a foot specialist.

When explained they generally presume it’s another name for a chiropodist.

In fact, often majority of people don’t understand what exactly it is a podiatrist does. They are aware that we deal with nails, corns and callouses but may not realise our expertise go a lot further.

Podiatrists are specialists in all conditions relating to the lower extremities, from the hip down.

Everything is connected so we often treat people who have foot pain which affects the way in which
they walk leading to secondary problems such as ankle pain, knee pain or hip pain. We can help with
any issues relating to these areas.

We see a wide variety of cases walk through the doors of our podiatry clinic.

Ingrown toenails, Verrucas, corns, callus are all common conditions that attend our podiatry clinic. Other common issues that present are injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, ankle sprains and the lists go on.

All problems that present themselves in our foot clinic are treated with specialist care. A minor foot
issue can lead to a major problem. We assess the way in which you walk (your gait) and how you

Our focus is not entirely on the feet but the entire body.

Our body is a machine and the way in which we walk can indicate that there is an imbalance in one part or another.

Bunions can make walking painful and unknown to you, your walk may have changed to compensate for the pain.

Compensation causes secondary issues such as hip pain or back pain. Corns and Callus are a good
indication for podiatrist where pressure is being applied when you walk. Many major issues will have
started with a minor foot problem.

Our feet take an enormous amount of stress each day supporting our entire body, getting us from A
to B. You can’t blame them from giving out every so often, that’s why foot care and health is so

Our feet tend to be neglected until something gets sore, or an unresolved issue is left on the long toe!


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